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The Interesting New Tech Announced at CES 2024

The Interesting New Tech Announced at CES 2024

Every year in January, the Consumer Electronics Show brings thousands of technology exhibitors to Las Vegas to showcase the up and coming innovations that will drive industries forward. It’s a fun time to be a tech nerd, because we get to see some pretty impressive stuff and how it might shape the future.

This year has some pretty exciting and interesting new technologies, and we wanted to share some of them with you!

AI is Everywhere

If you thought AI tools like ChatGPT were a flash in the pan, it’s time to take it seriously. So many technology vendors are leaning heavily on AI to do new and interesting things. The most exciting use for AI (at least to us) involves preventing digital scams, hacks, and other cybercrime. This isn’t especially new—modern business cybersecurity suites are already adopting AI to help bolster protections, and modern digital surveillance software can use AI to detect potential signs of violence. We’re starting to see this technology become more commonplace, and there were a few exhibitors showcasing AI-based apps that will help parents identify depression, anxiety, and other issues in their children, and help identify digital scammers.

Tech companies are also hoping to get AI into the home kitchen, by making your standard appliances even smarter. AI-powered smart fridges can give you suggestions based on the food you store in them, Keurig-like robotic bartenders will mix you a drink, and a new all-in-one laundry machine will save you the time it takes from moving your clean clothes into the dyer.

Walmart announced that they will be utilizing AI to automatically shop for you to replenish common products, and they are experimenting with drone deliveries in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area in Texas.

Possibly the most benign, but interesting thing we caught are AI-powered smart binoculars for bird watchers that can identify over 9000 different birds and other animals just by looking at them.

When we say the sky's the limit for AI, we truly mean it.

The Future of Vehicles is Electric

This probably isn’t surprising news, but as the automotive industry continues to go electric, it’s nice to see a larger variety of options for the consumer. From small two-door electric SUVs to pickup trucks (actual pickup trucks, unlike Tesla’s boxy-looking Cybertruck), it’s nice to see more and more consumer-friendly options approach the market.

On the other hand, the conceptual cars on display are beyond belief. In particular, Honda’s new concept, dubbed “Space-Hub” looks more like something out of Star Trek, but with even more lighting.

There was also an Indy race car revealed that has no driver seat—it’s a self-driving race car. I’m not quite sure what to think about that.

Multiple Screens are Becoming the New Trend for Some Modern Laptops

For those of us who have been using more than one monitor for so long that we feel disadvantaged when working on a device that only has one display, help is on the way.

While last year Lenovo launched their dual screen Yoga Book 9i, Asus is joining the trend with a dual screen laptop with some really smart details. 

If you want to stick with your current laptop, the company also showed off a foldable portable monitor.

We’re Finally Getting Flying Cars (Sort Of)

I think we are still a few years away from a George Jetson-like commute, but Hyundai did show off a four passenger, fully electric flying craft designed for taking passengers across cities. Will we start seeing this tech in the real world in a few years? Who is to say, but I wouldn’t mind taking a ride in one! 

Samsung is Committed to Bringing Us a Star Wars Droid

Samsung’s Ballie was first revealed back in 2020. It’s a physical robotic ball that rolls around on the floor and, well, you could talk to it like a smart speaker. It’s four years later, and Ballie is back, and now includes a built-in projector. And of course, if your house is filled with all the newest conceptual Samsung products, Ballie can talk to them and activate them for you.

According to Samsung, if anyone wants to bring a bowling ball-sized sidekick into their house, the robotic smart assistant will be heading into production at some point this year.

We hope you found some of this new tech as interesting as we did! For more great technology news and tips to help make technology work for your business, keep visiting our blog!

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